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3.4 fluid ounces/1.4 ml  Eau de Cologne - Fine Mist Vaporizing Spray.  Made inUSA.


Let's start off with the burning question - is this original - and why is it so inexpensive?  It is original, and produced by Oxford Industries, Inc. It is inexpensive right now because there is a flood of it on the market.


This men's scent smells like a cruise-y vacation in a bottle! It is definately a Summer fragrance. Yummy lime and boozy tequila come together before fading into mild palmwood. Scent lasts between 2-3 hours. Many connoisseurs of fine fragrance will liken this scent to Virgin Island Water by Creed, and will boast that Creed VIW lasts much longer that TB St. Barts. Maybe,  - but for the price, at this time -  for TB St. Barts - you just cant' go wrong with this masculine choice that smell like "all things Summer".


This fragrant cologne launched in 2007 is recommended for casual use. Tommy Bahama Set Sail men's cologne is a blend of lime, palm wood, tequila and musk, as well as Mexican notes, such as agave green, guava nectar and a hint of sea salt. The cologne is contained within a clear blue tinted glass bottle that is topped with a gold sprayer wrapped in rope that gives the package a feel of the salty sea and sunshine.

Tommy Bahama St. Bards Eau De Cologne

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