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White Foam

 Why we love what we do!

A loaf of soap

Why Soap?  We say why not soap?  BUT - only handmade soap! Handmade soap relieves dry, irritated skin.  Handmade soap helps moisturize itchy, scaly skin.  Handmade soap, when used over time works wonders on your largest organ - the skin you live in! Unlike commercial soap, handmade soap retains all of the goodness that occurs naturally with 'true' soap - glycerin! Glycerin is a humectant that attracts moisture from the air to the skin, and this precious, natural, moisturizer is removed by big brand, commercial soaps, also known in the industry as synthetic detergent bars (aka SynDet bars). When we here at SloppySoap exclusively started using handmade soap over a harsh Pittsburgh winter, many moons ago, we were hooked!  We decided to try this ancient craft and give it a 'modern' twist in adapting it with our creativity in using color, technique, style, and scent. Viola!  Soapy goodness and dishes - were everywhere (and we mean everywhere)!  :)  The sloppy soapers were unleashed!  Hence - SloppySoap!

All of SloppySoap’s products are created lovingly by hand, in small batches. SloppySoap uses only 100% plant-based oils (never petroleum based or hexane extracted), and most of our soaps are enriched with skin-loving Shea butter. None of our soaps contain phthalates or parabens. We strive to only use plant-based preservatives. We strive to purchase only from fair trade collectives and importers.  We work directly with companies that support fair trade initiatives in actual villages in Africa and India. 

We can often be caught creating fun, beautiful, useful works of art that smell fantastic using vegetable-based glycerin!  We are not soap snots. We love a good glycerin soap, especially of the natural kind! Some of our soaps use glycerin bases for our embeds and embellishments. Our soaps are mostly created and formulated using the cold process method of time honored, traditional, soap making, and, on occasion, SloppySoap also uses the hot process method of soap making for a translucent, almost sea-glass appearance. We also love art! - and color! - and creativity!  Witness all of these attributes in all of our products, but especially in our glycerin soaps.

SloppySoap also carries a line called the Naked Series, which is created with high end oils and butters such as Cocoa, Mango, Jojoba, and Hemp seed. All are unrefined. All are natural.  No artificial or added scent. No artificial color. This line contains only essential oils (when applicable), or no scent at all, and we prohibit the use of all dyes to include oxides and ultramarines.  Instead, SloppySoap uses all natural plant based materials such Spirulina, Beet Root powder, Tumeric, Orange powder, Parsley powder, and Alkanet Root powder. We also color our soaps with natural (but refined to remove naturally occurring metals) Earthen materials such as Kaolin, Bentonite, Rhassoul, and activated charcoal from vineyards and hardwoods. So much soapy lovliness and goodness and moisture and color (natural and otherwise), and smell - oh the beautiful smells!  Yummy! Delightful! Happy!  - And that's why we LOVE WHAT WE DO!  Sloppysoap!

White Foam


OUR MISSION (...and yes, we choose to accept it!)

To deliver fantastic shower and bath experiences at a great value using SloppySoap!



To make beautiful, handcrafted pieces of soapy artwork that greet you in your bath or shower while educating our consumers about the benefits of handmade soapy goodness.

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