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White Foam

A Bit About Us...

A picture of my family.

We have been in business (as a registered, licensed business) for nearly 8 years. I have been making hot process soap for a good couple decades, but when a friend introduced me to cold process - I was hooked! I started out making soap for family and friends. Needless to say, I consumed any and ALL THINGS personal care that I could get my hands on - articles, videos, attended industry gatherings, and reading formulation books.

After making the circuit (VFDs, VFWs, farmer's markets, and pop-up shops) for three or so years and then becoming a legitimate business entity, I applied for, and was awarded a contract at a national chain! After making hundreds of pounds of products, receiving registered NAICs numbers for all of my products, and was ready to ship all that product - that chain claimed bankruptcy. I had just purchased a building (a former church) to refurbish to use as my maker space - but that fiasco is now in federal court (this April marks eight years in court because I was denied local ordinances (me rolling my eyes)). No amount of farmer's markets or vendor opportunities were going to move all that product! That lead me to CBL Properties, where we have been ever since. Currently, you can find our brick and mortar storefront in the former Abercrombie & Fitch at Monroeville Mall. We offer all kinds of soapy personal care products - made right in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. You can often find us, on our 'days off' making product in those beautiful, huge store windows! We also give classes, and invite other local artisans to give classes - look us up - you might just find a new passion!

A tee shirt that says I have four sons - nothing scares me.
SloppySoap tee shirt that says - Home Is Whever Yinz Are.

We both grew up in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We have been married for 23 years. We have four boys. Yes - FOUR boys. And while they are now grown and busy with work, buying homes, cars, finishing college, and enjoying their young adulthood, I still linger on all the beautiful memories that we shared over these years. I still enjoy creating new ones! Every. Moment.

In our one day or so off every once in a while, Hubs and I enjoy music (writing, playing and listening - together we choose the song list for our store), karaoke, good jazz, learning, reading, swimming, and good pierogies/halushki/halupki. We also enjoy spending time with each other. The best part of being married to your best friend is that every day is honest (for better or for worse), approachable (we're stuck two together as one flesh), engaging (we both love reading and philosophy) - and [mostly] fun! We both have a sharp wit, great sense of humor, and share deeply held values. It has been a loooong, slow dance - especially these past eight years (sometimes you're hopping, and sometimes, you're stepping on toes). I am blessed to have such a great partner and four level-headed young men in my life! PTL! That is all!  <soapy smooches>

White Foam


OUR MISSION (...and yes, we choose to accept it!)

To deliver fantastic shower and bath experiences at a great value using SloppySoap!



To make beautiful, handcrafted pieces of soapy artwork that greet you in your bath or shower while educating our consumers about the benefits of handmade soapy goodness.

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