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Idyllic by SloppySoap is a wonderful, fruity fragrance. This Eau De Cologne by SloppySoap is the ultimate in femininity; Subtle white flowers of jasmine, ylang ylang and honeysuckle delicately pair with an airy white musk that imparts a clean powdery finish.

  • The scent is inspired by the English countryside and features notes of lavender, sage, and chamomile.
  • It's a versatile scent that can be worn during the day or evening.
  • The 1 Fl. Oz. bottle is perfect for travel or as a small gift.
  • You will smell like a Goddess!
  • The beautiful bottle design and high-quality ingredients make Idyllic by SloppySoap a must-have addition to any perfume collection.

Idyllic Eau de Cologne

SKU: 732006840877
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Denatured Alcohol, Fragrance, Water, Dipropylene Glycol

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