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Transport yourself to the sun-soaked shores of Bermuda with SloppySoap's Bermuda Fine Body Mist. Indulge in the invigorating, fresh, and oceanic scent that captures the essence of an on-the-beach sensation, allowing you to experience the allure of the coast any time of the year.


🏝️🍋 Key Fragrance Elements:

  • Citrus Bouquet: Revel in the freshness of a citrus bouquet featuring mandarin, lemon, and bergamot. This lively combination brings a burst of energy reminiscent of sunlit days by the beach.

  • Spice and Floral Harmony: Enhanced by notes of nutmeg and clove, the fragrance achieves a delightful balance of spice and floral undertones. The heart of rose and ozone adds a touch of sophistication and intrigue.

  • Musks and Woods: Immerse yourself in a strong background of musks and woods, creating a warm and grounding base that lingers on the skin with a sense of natural elegance.


🌅 Generously Sized: Packaged in a generous 5.7 Fl Oz. bottle, the Bermuda Fine Body Mist is designed for daily indulgence. Spritz on for an instant escape to the idyllic beaches of Bermuda, wherever you may be.


🌊 On-the-Go Refreshment: Bring the invigorating scent of Bermuda with you wherever you go. This body mist is your perfect travel companion, ensuring that the on-the-beach sensation is just a spray away.


Embrace the year-round bliss of the beach, elevate your senses with the fresh and oceanic notes, and make every day a tropical escape with SloppySoap's Bermuda Fine Body Mist. It's more than a fragrance; it's an instant getaway, a daily indulgence in the allure of Bermuda's coastal paradise.

Bermuda Fine Body Mist

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