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Cherries Almondine Whipped Hand and Body Lotion by SloppySoap ® , a luxurious treat for your skin crafted with care and precision. Indulge in the delightful fusion of ripe cherries and creamy almonds, captured in a velvety-smooth formula that nourishes and pampers your skin.


Our meticulously selected ingredients ensure a nourishing and hydrating experience with every application:


Purified Water: Provides a clean and refreshing base for the lotion.


Coconut Oil: Rich in fatty acids, coconut oil deeply moisturizes and softens the skin.


High Oleic Sunflower Oil: Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, sunflower oil helps to maintain the skin's moisture barrier.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Renowned for its hydrating properties, olive oil leaves the skin feeling supple and revitalized.


Emulsifying Wax 93725SC: This essential ingredient ensures a smooth and stable texture, allowing the lotion to blend effortlessly into the skin.


Glyceryl Monostearate: Acts as an emollient, leaving the skin feeling smooth and silky.


Organic Shea Butter: Known for its exceptional moisturizing qualities, shea butter deeply conditions and nourishes the skin.


Stearic Acid: Helps to improve the texture and consistency of the lotion, ensuring a luxurious feel.


Cetyl Alcohol: A fatty alcohol that acts as an emollient, providing long-lasting hydration.


Carbomer: A thickening agent that contributes to the lotion's rich and creamy texture.


Optiphen Plus: A gentle preservative that ensures the lotion remains fresh and safe to use.


Pamper yourself with the irresistible scent of cherries and almonds, while our indulgent formula works to hydrate, soften, and rejuvenate your skin. Treat yourself to the ultimate self-care experience with Cherries Almondine Handmade Lotion by SloppySoap.



Cherries Almondine Whipped Hand and Body Lotion

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