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Our exclusive Large Bath Sponge – a must-have addition to your bathing routine. Unlike traditional sea sponges, this 5-inch round sponge comes with a convenient white hanging cord, allowing easy storage and quick drying. Perfect for creating rich bubbles and enhancing the lathering experience with any soapy product, this sponge is designed to be soft and gentle on the skin.


🚿 Key Features:

  • Non-Oceanic Material: Crafted from materials not sourced from the ocean or sea, this bath sponge aligns with eco-conscious choices while delivering an exceptional bathing experience.

  • Convenient Hanging Cord: The 5-inch round sponge includes a white hanging cord, facilitating effortless storage and ensuring proper drying between uses.

  • Enhanced Lathering: Designed to aid in bubbling and lathering any soapy product, this bath sponge elevates your cleansing routine, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Soft and Gentle: Pamper your skin with a soft and gentle touch. The bath sponge is delicately crafted to provide a luxurious and soothing experience during every use.


🌊 Limited Edition: Please note that this product is a limited edition and will not be restocked once gone. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your bath time with this exclusive bath sponge.


Transform your bathing ritual with our Bath Sponge—crafted for a gentle touch, enhanced lathering, and eco-friendly sensibility. Embrace the luxury of this limited edition product, and make each shower a soothing and indulgent experience.

Large Bath Sponge

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