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The Naked Series, which is created with high end oils and butters such as Cocoa, Mango, Jojoba, and Hemp seed. All are unrefined. All are natural.  No artificial or added scent. No artificial color. This line contains only essential oils (when applicable), or no scent at all, and we prohibit the use of all dyes to include oxides and ultramarines.  Instead, SloppySoap uses all natural plant based materials such Spirulina, Beet Root powder, Tumeric, Orange powder, Parsley powder, and Alkanet Root powder. We also color our soaps with natural (but refined to remove naturally occurring metals) Earthen materials such as Kaolin, Bentonite, Rhassoul, and activated charcoal from vineyards and hardwoods. So much soapy lovliness and goodness and moisture and color (natural and otherwise), and smell - oh the beautiful smells!  Yummy! Delightful! Happy

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